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Gold Coast Gondolas has been providing customers with the ultimate private luxury cruise and dining experience for over thirteen years.

Experience the true magic of the Gold Coast as you dine in style aboard your own private luxury gondola while cruising the majestic canals of the Gold Coast. Enjoy the comfort of sheepskin covered seats, plush cushions and soft background music as you glide smoothly through a wonderland of scenic beauty by day or shimmering lights by night.

Our cruises are the perfect romantic idea for Valentine's Day, anniversaries or proposals.

Discover South East Queensland's Best Kept Secret!

People living in South East Queensland, and more particularly those living on the Gold Coast, are mostly oblivious to the true beauty and fascination of the Gold Coast's greatest asset;  it's abundant and stunningly beautiful canals and waterways.

Few people even realise that the Gold Coast canals and waterways exceed those of Venice and Amsterdam in length, style, cleanliness and sheer beauty. Most people rate the Gold Coast for its great beaches and amazing surf but when it comes to the most beautiful and spectacular scenery and atmosphere, nothing can beat a quiet romantic gondola cruise through the maze of beautiful canals of Main Beach, Surfers Paradise and Isle of Capri.  It has been said that a Gold Coast Gondola cruise converts a date into a spectacular romantic occasion.

So why not spoil your partner or friend and enjoy the true magic of the Gold Coast as you cruise into a kaleidoscope of scenic beauty by day and shimmering lights by night.

Whether you are looking for the ULTIMATE in romance and magic or are merely wanting to sit back with your partner or friends and enjoy the experience of a lifetime, nothing will come close to providing the luxury, ambiance and setting of a Gold Coast Gondola cruise. Something you will remember fondly and talk about for years to come. Just read what others have said about our gondola cruises.

Our gondola cruises have been providing customers with a unique experience on the majestic canals of the Gold Coast for over 12 years. As a result of strong demand for our services we have over the years increased our fleet to 4 gondolas. This not only makes Gold Coast Gondolas twice as large as the next largest gondola operator in Australia, but more importantly it allows you the opportunity of better securing your preferred date and time for celebrating your special occasion, not that you really need one to be able to enjoy this amazing experience.

"This was without doubt the best night I have ever experienced"

Aaron & Nat

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